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J-A5818 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press 230/460V

J-A5818 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press 230/460V

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These JET Drill Presses use a variable-speed motor with the stepped-pulley system, and come equipped with a continuously variable transmission. This enables use at a wide range of speeds, as well as the ability to change speed during operation. A scale-marked hand wheel that matches the desired machine speed is mounted to a reduction gearing system for precise operator control. This adjusts the gearing ratio between the motor's fixed pulley and the output shaft's variable pulley, changing the speed of the chuck. A tensioner pulley is implemented in the belt transmission to take up or release the slack in the belt as the speed changes.


1/2" Drill chuck and arbor included
3" column diameter for maximum head support
6" stroke for deep hole application
Full bearing support on quill for maximum spindle stiffness
Handwheel speed adjustment of 400 to 5,000 RPM
Large 2-1/4" quill for greater accuracy

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Warranty: 2 Year
Prop 65 (CA Only): Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Shipping Type: LTL


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